Counseling and Therapy

Whether you're looking for individual, marital, group, or substance abuse therapy, our compassionate, highly credentialed counselors and social workers offer the experience to help you feel better, think more clearly, make good decisions, and have healthy relationships.

Counseling can improve behavioral health well‐being by alleviating feelings of distress and resolving crises. Allwell’s clinicians provide assessments, diagnosis, treatment, and referrals to supportive services to accommodate collaborative care.

Employee Assistance Programs

We work with Southeast Ohio employers to create a healthier, more productive work force through education, prevention, and early intervention.

An Employee Assistant Program (EAP) is a program designed to offer employees and their family prompt confidential help. It provides professional assessment to help identify and resolve emotional or substance abuse problems.

Stress, pressure, and problems are part of our lives. Sometimes they can be too much. Many employers understand this and realize that knowing what to do and who to talk to can be difficult. Many local organizations have contracted with Allwell Behavioral Health Services to establish EAP services to help their employees. EAP helps most employees perform better at work and at home by resolving personal struggles.

Treatment Model

Making the decision to start therapy is a big and important step toward improving overall well-being. Because every client comes to us with unique values and challenges, we mold our services to their needs to help them reach their full potential. Our clinical staff are trained in a variety of treatment models including grief counseling, anger management, child counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), marriage and family counseling, and more. Our professionals will work closely to formulate customized care and determine which treatment model is the best fit for you.

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