We offer clinical assessments for all age groups. These assessments are needed for admission to our programs. We also provide them as an independent service to other agencies.

A psychiatric diagnostic evaluation is much like any other type of medical examination, except that it focuses on mental and behavioral health instead of physical health issues. Our clinicians can help pinpoint what type of mental health issues you are facing, and how best to treat them.

During your assessment, you will be asked questions about your behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Symptoms will be examined in closer detail including their effects on your daily activities. You should expect to answer questions about relationships, occupation, sources of stress and upbringing. The clinician may also talk to about any major traumatic experiences you may have experienced.

After your assessment, your clinician will discuss treatment options which may include referrals to other programs with Allwell Behavioral Health Services.

Employee Assistance Programs

We work with Southeast Ohio employers to create a healthier, more productive work force through education, prevention, and early intervention.

An Employee Assistant Program (EAP) is a program designed to offer employees and their family prompt confidential help. It provides professional assessment to help identify and resolve emotional or substance abuse problems.

Stress, pressure, and problems are part of our lives. Sometimes they can be too much. Many employers understand this and realize that knowing what to do and who to talk to can be difficult. Many local organizations have contracted with Allwell Behavioral Health Services to establish EAP services to help their employees. EAP helps most employees perform better at work and at home by resolving personal struggles.

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